Europe Peace Tour

peterjamAlbumArtTour Dates & Locations :

11>15 May : Italy (Roma,Perugia,Milano,Venice)
15>18 May: Switzerland (Bern)
19>21 May : France & Belgium (Paris/Lille, Brussels)
21>23 May : Netherlands (Rotterdam,Amsterdam)
23>26 May : Germany (Bremen, Koln, Hamburg, Berlin)
26>28 May : Poland (Poznan,Warsaw, Krakow)
28>30 May : Czech rep. & Slovakia (Prague, Brno, Bratislava)
30>31 May : Austria & Hungary (Vienna, Budapest)
31>2 June  : Turkey & Georgia (Istanbul, Tbilisi)
2>8 June    : Armenia & Karapagh (Yerevan)

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singing Peace singing Love Concerts!

poster_peter_jam_new518e4e3f7272b.jpg-Friday 15th of April 10pm
Live @Art Lounge,Beirut river Bridge
(close to Forum de Beyrouth)

-Saturday 16th of April 9pm
Live @Babel Theater,Hamra(next to AUH)

Concerts Include:
Launching of the NEW official music video
Hit track “I Have To Tell You”

“Positive message through the Power of Music/Art”