All the Love that I Have (New Music Video 2015) Lakel elLbnaniyye بيترجام - لكل اللبنانية (Official Music Video) Peter Jam - Bingöl (Official Music Video) NEW 2015!! Cathrine (Official Music Video) If You Want (Europe 'Peace' tour official video NEW!!!) Toxic Demon (Official Music Video) Make it End (Official Music Video) Back To You Again (Official Music Video) I Have To Tell You (Official Music Video) Pakistan West PROMO in Arizona, USA! German A-TV report about Peter Jam! Orbit TV Interview German Mayor Peter Grab greeting Peter Jam! Live Interview on LBC UNESCO Palace Speech Exclusive Armenian H1TV Interview!!! Bingöl on Armenian H1 TV Télé_Liban‎ Interview OTV Interview Future TV Interview Interview on Future TV Alam elSabah Interview on LBCI Interview on LBC SAT TV Live interview on LBC B-Beirut Radio One with Gavin Ford & Olga! NEW!! Stand by me on LBC SAT TV (LIVE in Beirut) Christmas Love (Disco version) Christmas Love Song LIVE @MTV No For Drugs - Peter Jam - June 2012 Interview LIVE @MTV Radio One interview with Maximus! If You Want (PEACE song LIVE!) I'll Keep You (live version) All The Love That I Have (Exclusive song on ARTN TV in LA) Interview on ARTN TV in LA(part 1) Interview on ARTN TV in LA(part 2) Cathrine live on TV Down the Water on TV Interview on New TV Down the water LIVE Cathrine


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